Herd of Sheffield - Update

A successful auction raising over £400,000 for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity resulted in the AM elephant being bought by Counter Context. The local firm have committed to returning AM to the city centre.

The AM elephant should be on display in the Winter Gardens within the next month.


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29.08.17 9:31 pm

Just play a show please. Anywhere I don't care. I'll come to you.


29.08.17 9:35 am

I'm your biggest fan. I've been listening to your music since day 1. Please come to Manchester. Our town is in a really in a bad place at the moment and I think your exactly what we need!


25.08.17 8:45 am

G'day from Aus!! (Ugh so corny I know but it had to be said)
Love you guys to bits! So many awesome memories come flooding back when your songs come on! Can't wait for more when they are released!! Please let it be soon ;P Also please please come to Australia again, I'll actually be able to make the concert this time!!! Love you guys loads! Keep up the awesome work you all do! Xxxx Steph


10.08.17 2:49 pm

Me encantan, gracias a ustedes nunca mas he estado solo


07.08.17 4:23 pm

Please come to Nashville!


04.08.17 3:10 am

I love your music! You're great 1


29.07.17 2:33 pm

Come please to Prague!!!!


22.07.17 11:49 pm

love you arctic monkeys, my baby and I are big fans of you! my baby asks me to listen to you everyday "mom I want to listen to the music I used to listen when I was in your womb", he's just 2 years old! hope to see you on Nov 8th.


21.07.17 1:50 pm

If my ex woman did anything good for me, it was showing me the arctic monkeys. Been listening to you guys for years now and always waiting for new songs. See ya when you get back to it!

-maine, usa


21.07.17 6:18 am

Please come to BARCELONA!!!!!

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